Institute for laboratory medicine "Hexalab" was founded in December of 1993. by Mr. Ph. Mirjana Paunovic. The fact that "Hexalab" was the first registered private biochemistry and microbiology laboratory for clinical diagnostic in Serbia has in many defined the things to come in the following 15 years of existence, and what can be summarized in the statement "always first":


  • first health service open to the public that accepted patients for the entire day
  • first laboratory that opened its doors on weekends
  • first active field service ready to sample and deliver results on the designated address, in any time of the day
  • first commercial service for tumor marker analysis
  • first practical use of diagnostic PCR laboratory techniques in routine and commercial laboratory practice
  • first private Institute for laboratory medicine

Innovations, expertise, dedication and professionalism of each and every employee, with strict appliance of most rigid standards, and above all, reliability in lab results, resulted in more than million patients laying their trust in "Hexalab".

Success of "Hexalab" was not unnoticed even outside the borders of our country. In May of 2004, after negotiations with Mr G. F. Staber, a Partnership Deal was made with the German company InterLab GmbH, what represented confirmation of good work so far, but also a very serious guarantee of "Hexalab's" future development.

- in the year 2006. Hexalab has become the first private Institute for laboratory medicine certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System, by the YUQS and IQNET.

- in the year 2007. Hexalab acquired a certificate of accreditation for the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2006 General Requirements for the Competence of Testin and Calibration Laboratories, by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS, former JUAT).

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Biochemistry in the past
In times of crisis, inflation and wars on the space of former Yugoslavia the state was not able to apply, obey or improve required standards and primary principles of work in laboratory medicine. Lack of funds in state medical institutions lead to a problem of the patients not being able to acquire reliable results on the same day, what made impossible for doctors to do their work. Fortunately, there were some who didn't want to be idle. Tough and uncertain time, which in some way resulted in a need to found private laboratory, significantly increased the amount of energy that Hexalab's employees had to invest during the first years, in providing reagents and laboratory materials and supplies, spare parts, maintaining the equipment functioning properly, and even in acquiring petrol, electricity and water. So happened that the entire laboratory had to move four times within a period of only a year.

Today we are assured that exactly the struggle with all those difficulties strengthen our wish to persist and our belief in doing the right thing. Our wish came to life, and our faith grew into pride - our laboratory, since it was first opened, works without a break or free day, with doors always wide open to our patients and our partners, ready and capable of issuing deImmunochemistry in the pastsired result of the highest quality within the shortest time.

Laboratory definitive decision was to always be up-to-date with modern world trends in fields of clinical chemistry, microbiology, virology, endocrinology, and also applying in its work the latest scientific and professional knowledge, and all in the goal of gaining maximum quality of results. That meant implementation, developing and strict obeying and applying of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) principles, quality assessments and quality management system ISO 9001:2001 series, and further standard for competence of testing laboratories ISO/IEC 17025:2006, as well as all domestic, and European regulations and norms in health care and laboratory medicine.
All that implied continuous internal and external quality control of work and results, that provided complete confidence in the authenticity of our results, what represented the best protection of our beneficiaries (doctors, offices, clinics, etc.) interests, but above all - the best health care for our patients.

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In July of the year 2002, after long duration efforts, the management of "Hexalab" has finally succeeded in receiving concordance from the Republic Ministry of Health for registration of the first privately owned Institute for laboratory medicine, fully fulfilling all legal clauses of Law on health care and the following Books of regulations. Attainment of the title "institute" was a long-term choice, regarding that the first such a request was submitted to the authorized Ministry way back in the year of 1995. By that "Hexalab" has become the first private Institute for laboratory medicine in the whole health care system of Serbia, and Montenegro at that time.

In the Founding Document and Bylaw it is defined that "Hexalab" is founded in the purpose of offering health services to patients, health care facilities (clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, institutes and offices of a doctor), companies, other legal or private parties, as well as health care experts, in the meaning of performing laboratory biochemistry, microbiology, clinical chemistry, allergology, immunochemistry, transfusiology assessments, as well as other laboratory assessments of human origin biological samples in diagnostic purposes.

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"Hexalab" today has an opportunity to offer the widest possible specter of analysis that are assessed with most contemporary, world renowned methods, on the most quality and most reliable laboratory analyzers and equipment from the leading world manufactures, and with the most quality and most reliable reagents of the same origin. In years to come "Hexalab", in partnership with German company "Interlab, Gmbh" will continue to widen the specter of its services in health care and veterinary medicine, to spread and develop cooperation with clinics, medical offices and doctors, insurance companies and private health care systems, as well as Republic Health Fund.
We'll continue to expand the number of our employees in relation to our beneficiaries service demands, and the largest part of the profit will be, as always, invested in improving laboratory resources and capacities, with the intention that Belgrade's and Serbian "Hexalab" becomes a regional center of a system of laboratories based on partnership laboratories and self developed units.

The contract with German system "Staber und Partners" already allows "Hexalab" to send blood samples via special transport to Germany and other central international laboratories with prompt issue of the results. It is our intention, as in all the years since foundation, to focus on strict quality standards, on which fulfillment "Hexalab" will receive international accreditation that will allow our patient the level of service identical to those that EU citizens get in the best European laboratories.

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Institute "Hexalab" is authorized by the Ministry of Health and registered in the Trade Court in Belgrade as a health care institution - Institute for offering services that include taking human and animal samples for testing and conducting analytic assessment of parameters in the field of biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, toxicology, as well as coagulation test and urinalysis.
Central Laboratory building at Vozdovac
Scope of activity of the Institute "Hexalab" includes:

  • sampling and laboratory assessment of human and animal origin samples in diagnostics purposes
  • services of field transport and sample service for sampling and delivery of results
  • acquisition of reagents, chemicals, equipment, spare parts and laboratory supplies
  • storage and internal distribution of reagents, chemicals, equipment, spare parts and laboratory supplies
  • specialized and commercial marketing and service selling
  • implementation and management of quality systems
  • training and further specialist's education and perfection of staff within and out of the lab
  • education and increase of the level of health education and culture in patients and other laboratory service beneficiaries
  • scientific, specialist's and economic cooperation with other health care and educational institutions and experts at local, regional and international level in the fields of laboratory medicine and medicine diagnostics
  • development of computer, software and software packages, as well as development of specialized health care information systems and databases
  • handling the jobs of maintenance and repair within internal laboratory processes

Institute for laboratory medicine currently employs over 100 employees of all professions. From which 28 has a master or a Ph degree, and 68 has a college or high school degree. Over 60% of employees in the Institute is directly engaged in preparation, realization and control of laboratory assessment.
Institute "Hexalab" collaborates with large number of state and private health care institutions and offices in Belgrade and around Serbia by offering contract defined laboratory services to their patients.
Institute conference room
Premises of central laboratory of the Institute "Hexalab", in which all the laboratory assessments are performed, are located in Mite Cenica street, No. 11, organized in adapted 800 square meters of own space intended for specific purpose.

Beside the mentioned central location the Institute can offer its services of sampling and issuing reports on eight more locations:
1. Vračar, Njegoševa 5/I
2. Novi Beograd, Jurija Gagarina 149 (kod TC Piramida)
3. Banovo brdo, Nikolaja Gogolja 30
4. Stari grad, Palmotićeva 33
5. Surčin, Maršala Tita 3
6. Pančevo, Ulica Oslobođenja 10a
7. Nova Pazova, Njegoševa 27
8. Vrnjačka banja, Cara Dušana 8

Eight own vehicles for transport and sampling service, with crews of drivers and medical workers take samples and deliver reports at your home or office, by that offering the services of transporting samples and sampling for patients in the entire territory of Belgrade, Pancevo and Pazova, all day long. These field crews at the same time ensure the transport of samples from the mentioned location to the central laboratory of the Institute, keeping the samples under necessary appropriate conditions.

Client/server systems, distributed at five locations in Belgrade and three outside, are connected with cable, optic and digital connections with the information system at the central location, ensuring the reliability of work, synchronization of activities and efficient issue of results to the patient on all of our locations.

We possess most contemporary and modern laboratory analyzers of renowned world manufacturers, necessary equipment for measurement and control, and a transportation consisting of eleven vehicles.
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